Which is the right Medicare Supplement Plan for you?

Which is the right Medicare Supplement Plan for you (1)

Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) does not fully cover your health care. Because of that, many seniors enroll in a Medicare supplement plan (Medigap) to help cover costs not covered under original Medicare. 

Knowing the right Medicare Supplement plans in 2022 can ensure you get the highest coverage. We have compiled a list of the three right Medicare Supplement plans for 2022. affordability, and overall customer satisfaction.

Below, we will go over the three best plans and how you can take advantage of their coverage.

 What are the most suitable Medicare Supplement plans in 2022?    

The right Medicare Supplement plans for 2022 include Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Remember that all Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, meaning that carriers will not vary plan coverage.

However, there are no one-size-fits-all policies for finding the right plan for you. The right Medicare Supplement plan for you might not be the best for your bridge partner and vice versa.

Medicare Supplement Plan F: The Premium-Only Plan

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive plan available.  

It leaves you 100% covered once Medicare pays a share. Medigap plan F covers Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles and 20% of the coinsurance for Medicare Part B. You never pay a penny for any medical services covered by Medicare in addition to the monthly premium. While the plan offers excellent coverage, lawmakers do not give it the highest ratings. 

After the passage of the 2015 Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA), individuals enrolled in Medicare Part A after January 1, 2020, are no longer eligible to enroll in the F Plan. 

Those on Medicare Part A before January 1, 2020, are still eligible to keep their Medicare Supplement plan F, sign up for a Plan F, or change to Plan F if you are not already covered under that plan.   

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan F

For those looking to get the benefits of a Medicare Supplement Plan F but who want to pay a lower monthly premium, a high-deductible Plan F from the Medicare Supplement may be a better choice. This High Deductible Plan F offers the same benefits as standard Plan F, but it has a $2,490 deductible for 2022, which you will need to meet before any of your coverage begins. This deductible makes monthly premiums considerably less than the standard premiums for a Medicare Supplement Plan F.   

Medicare Supplement High Deductible Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G allows beneficiaries to budget for medical expenses, as they are responsible for only an annual deductible in Medicare Part B before receiving 100% coverage of all Medicare-covered medical expenses. In 2022, the Medicare Part B deductible is $233. So, other than your monthly premium, the only out-of-pocket health care costs you will incur all year will be $233.    

Due to rules about enrolling in Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare Supplement Plan G is slowly becoming the market’s most popular Medicare supplement plan. While it is still lagging behind Plan F regarding the number of policyholders, Plan G is expected to increase in number in the coming years to overtake Plan F. The highest-deductible Medicare supplement, Plan G, is precisely what it sounds like. This plan covers the same benefits as the standard Medicare Supplement Plan G while offering a lower monthly premium.    

Remember that High-Defense G comes with the same high deductible as High-Defense Medicare Supplement Plan F, which is $2,490 in 2022.

Medicare Supplement Plan N: The Pay-As-You-Go Plan

 The Medicare Supplement Plan N is the most affordable of the right Medicare Supplement plans. With that, though, comes more out-of-pocket costs. Medicare Supplement Plan N covers your full Medicare Part A deductible and 20% coinsurance for Medicare Part B.    

This leaves policyholders responsible for their deductible, $20-$50 copayments for visits to doctors or hospitals, and any overcharges. 

Medicare Supplement plan N is an excellent choice for people who do not visit a doctor or hospital often but are still looking for emergency coverage. 

This Medicare Supplement Plan N requires that you pay small copayments when receiving certain services, like $20 for doctor visits and $50 for an emergency room visit. However, you do not have copayments when visiting one of the participating urgent care facilities.    

Also, Medigap Plan N does not cover excess charges. However, Medicare Part Bs excess charges are not allowed in every state, nor are they charged by every physician. The best way to avoid overcharges is to talk with your physician.