7 Medical Tests Every Senior Should Get

medical tests for seniors

“Prevention is better than cure” – this statement well sums up the important aspect of life which is health. It is better to be safe than suffer. Not only the senior citizens but the youth are also protected from many diseases by having periodic medical tests. Health is equally important for every age group.

Our main focus in this article is on the medical tests every senior should get to stay healthy and safe from diseases. As you know, as we age, we become more vulnerable to diseases. Hence it is a good idea to have regular medical tests to rule out this phenomenon. You must be thinking about which medical tests I should undergo. Worry no more, here we will list down 7 medical tests every senior should get done.

Importance Of Medical Tests 

Getting periodic checkups is a great way to prevent diseases. Regular checkups after a certain age can help in spotting medical conditions at an early stage. Regular Medical Tests inform seniors about the development of chronic disease at an early stage. Older adults over the age of 60 have improper nutrition and may face medical problems due to their weak immune system that younger people may not. Thus, health monitoring and regular clinical examinations are needed in old age to prolong life.

Remember that not all the below-mentioned medical tests are covered by Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans, or Medigap Supplemental plans.

Here we are listing the top 7 medical tests every senior should get – 

  • Hearing Medical Test 

You may have noticed that most senior citizens struggle with hearing. They can hear only when someone speaks loudly. Therefore, to be safe from this situation, getting a hearing medical test is a good option. If you are having trouble hearing, there is no need to delay getting an audiogram. If you are hearing very well, this medical test is recommended by health experts once every 2-3 years.

  • Blood Pressure Medical Test

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 1 in 3 Americans suffer from high blood pressure. High blood pressure is popularly called hypertension. This can put you at extremely high risk for heart failure, kidney disease and heart disease – which is why it’s important to get screened regularly. The good news is that the condition of high blood pressure is easy to manage if your test report is not so severe.

It is important to get a blood pressure test done at least once a year to keep your heart health in good condition. High blood pressure can have wide-ranging effects throughout your body, as it can slow the flow of nutrient-rich blood to the organs that need it.

  • Vision Medical Test

Another major problem that arises with increasing age is the loss of eyesight. People face difficulty in seeing distant objects or sometimes even near objects. Poor diet, fatigue, and complicated diabetes are some of the factors which directly affect vision power. Regular eye check-ups are beneficial to make your old age go smoothly.

But it is also necessary to check for glaucoma and cataracts. It is important to catch the signs of the disease early in order to get preventive care at the right time. Therefore, it is one of the important medical tests every senior should get. 

  • Dental Medical Test 

Another of important medical test every senior should get is the Dental Exam. Dental problems usually occur in old age so we cannot ignore the importance of oral health for overall health. Regular dental medical checkups can help you identify small-scale problems like cavities before they turn into bigger problems like tooth loss. According to health experts, we should take dental medical tests at least once in a year. 

  • Blood Sugar Medical Test

Diabetes affects more than 10% of the United States population. It is a chronic disease that can only be treated but cannot be cured completely. If you start treatment at an early stage, you will get better results.

If your blood sugar is at the pre-diabetic level, you can manage it by taking some precautions to stop the process of developing diabetes. If you are not in the risk factor then it is necessary to get a blood sugar medical test done once in every 3 years. 

  • Cholesterol Medical Test

Cholesterol screening is essential to minimize the risk of heart diseases like blood pressure. It is also called the term Lipid panel. Knowing HDL (Good cholesterol) and LDL (Bad Cholesterol)  help you know the heart condition at an early stage. It will help your doctor in planning your medication and you will also be able to change your lifestyle accordingly.

According to health professionals, Cholesterol tests should be done at a regular intervals of time. 

  • Kidney Medical Test

If you are a diabetic, you are at a higher risk of developing chronic kidney disease. In this case, your doctor may suggest you undergo several kidney tests to check the health status of your kidneys. If you get to know about your kidney health at an early stage, you can take all possible steps to prevent future damage to it.

Therefore, a kidney function test is important for the best chance of finding and treating CKD early.


Above mentioned 7 medical tests every senior should get done to prepare themselves to stand strong in their old age. No matter what your age, prevention is one of the best methods to be safe & healthy. By having Medicare coverage you can save some money on medical test expenses. Contact Simpler Horizons to know more about online medicare enrollment

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