What To Do When You Need Extra Help With Medicare

What To Do When You Need Extra Help With Medicare

Medicare health solutions recipients are covered for hospital stays under Medicare Part A and routine medical services (including doctor visits) under Medicare Part B. Additionally, they can enroll in Medicare Part D, an optional Medicare feature designed to cover prescription drugs. The Medicare Insurance help program allows low-income people to apply for financial aid since prescriptions are expensive, as are insurance premiums and deductibles.

What is Extra Help for Medicare health solutions?

The Extra Help for Medicare Program is designed to provide financial assistance with prescription drugs to individuals with Medicare insurance agents. It is also called the Part D Low-Income Subsidy.

The Extra Help program is a Medicare health solution that helps pay for your Medicare prescription drug coverage.

Extra help can pay all or part of your monthly prescription drug premium, deductibles, and copayments. You may be eligible if you have limited income and resources, are 65 years or older, or are disabled and entitled to Social Security benefits.

If you qualify for Extra Help, the program will provide all or part of your monthly premiums for a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) that covers your needed drugs.

Extra help is a Medicare health solution that helps individuals with limited income and resources pay for health insurance. It can help pay for premiums, cost-sharing, and sometimes, prescription drug coverage.

This financial help is based on your income and level of financial need. The Federal Extra Help for Medicare Program covers prescription drugs only.    

It is not the same as state-sponsored Medicare Savings Programs. Many eligibles for Extra Help with Medicare don’t even know it. Keep reading to see if the Medicare enrollment Extra Help program could help with the cost of prescriptions.

What does Medicare Extra Help pay for?

 If you have Medicare enrollment, you are eligible for prescription drug coverage under Medicare health solutions, also called Medicare Part D. But there are costs associated with that prescription drug coverage, including copays and deductibles.    

That is where the extra Help from Medicare insurance agents comes in. If your income and savings are limited, Medicare Extra Help may cover your prescription drug copays and premiums for your prescription plans. 

Medicare Extra Help may provide as much as $4,900 in assistance each year if you are eligible. This program is limited to prescription drug coverage. 

Suppose you need assistance paying for other parts of Medicare health solutions, such as Medicare Part A (hospital coverage) or Medicare Part B (outpatient coverage). In that case, other programs funded by certain states might be able to assist.    

Extra Help with Medicare does not apply to Medicare Advantage solutions(Medicare Part C) or Medigap programs.

What is the income limit for Medicare Extra Help?

 The Medicare Extra Help Program is designed to help beneficiaries with limited incomes afford their premiums and medications. To qualify, you must meet an income requirement based on the annual federal poverty line. There is also a cap on the cost of your combined resources.   

What To Do When You Need Extra Help With Medicare?

If you need help understanding your Medicare coverage, finding a Medicare insurance agent, or determining whether you qualify for extra help with Medicare costs, you can contact a licensed insurance agent in your area for assistance.

Many states have programs that assist with Medicare enrollment and provide services such as locating a doctor in your area and providing information on Medicare health solutions for low-income seniors.

The State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIPs) provide information and help people with Medicare to make the best decisions.

If you need help with Medicare because you’re having problems with your plan, you can contact the Medicare insurance agent for assistance. They can answer your questions and provide you with other options for the best possible coverage.

You can also find assistance in your area by visiting http://www.medicare.gov/find-a-plan/questions-asked-by-consumers.

Who qualifies for Extra Help with Medicare?

Medicare Extra Help is available if you have Original Medicare enrollment and meet the income requirements listed above.

  • Under current US law, individuals are eligible for Medicare when they turn 65.
  • There are exceptions to the age of eligibility for Extra Help with Medicare.
  • If you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance before 65 years of age or have certain health conditions, you may qualify for early Medicare Enrollment.
  • If you are eligible for Medicare before age 65 due to these exclusions, you also may qualify for Extra Help with Medicare.  
  • The form can be filed through the mail or completed online by clicking here. Be sure to use an original form, rather than a photocopy, if mailing the form.
  •  You don’t need to send documents showing you earn income or assets; you don’t need to grant the government access to your bank accounts to fill out the application.
  •  In this application, you don’t need to include government aid, child welfare payments, interest, or dividends on investments.   
  • Including children or grandchildren living with you on your application may qualify you for additional assistance.
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There are four types of Medicare health solution programs that can help with Medicare Part A and Part B costs, should you need help. The rules for these programs vary depending on which state you live in.   

 Medicare Extra Help is designed to help with prescription drug costs under Medicare. This program may assist with premiums, copays, and deductible expenses.

 The amount of help you get is based on your income and assets. Calling Medicare to begin your application process is the best way to see if you are eligible.