Jeniffer B

I have experienced with Vanessa the very best customer service of all time. She treats me with respect and make feel special. She made me say “wow”

Virginia E.

My husband and I are so happy with your services. You never forget to get in touch with your clients. We very much appreciated what you have done for us when we encountered a problem with our insurance. We won’t stop recommending you to others.

Sally S.

I sincerely appreciate your in-depth knowledge of Medicare.  You are a pleasure to work with.

Amy A.

Musia Witkes is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I recommend her highly!

Elizabeth L.

Kieu has been extremely thorough and helpful in bringing me through the Medicare process.  She is very professional and a pleasure to work with.

Arlene F.

It was so helpful for me to get immediate answers to all of my questions regarding which healthcare provider would be best for me. Their expertise is invaluable. They asked all the right questions and gave me several options to fit my needs. I had an excellent experience. I’m sure you will, too, if you give them an opportunity to assist you.

Jimmie H.

Prompt, personable, and informative. All of these qualities you look for when dealing with an insurance agent. ???

Janet B.

Daniel is always available to answer any questions I have regarding my healthcare plan. He keeps me posted and sends emails throughout the year just to keep in touch.

Luz L.

Angie gave my mom and I great advice, guidance, and many solutions with health insurance!!  Thank you Angie

Steve R.

Lara spent a long time answering my questions, checking my doctors, dentists, and meds to make sure the plan was designed for me. I’m not concerned over medical coverage any longer.

Madeline C.

Vanessa found health insurance for me when I relocated here from Las Vegas.

Sonia T.

I had a very good experience from my first call to Simpler Horizons to change insurance and plan, until the last text from telling me I had been accepted. Thanks, Simpler Horizons!

Jerry B.

I had some questions on how to proceed with insurance/Medicare. Samuel was a huge help in finding the coverage I needed in my area.

Hermineh A.

She is doing an excellent job, she helps the clients to get the best coverage and explains and offers them different options to choose. I am really very happy with her and I will recommend her to everyone.

Tamar F.

Sabina proved to be very knowledgeable.  She had great patience in answering all my and my husband’s questions and researched which insurance was best for me.  I am very pleased with Sabina and have recommended her to my friends.

Milena L.

She showed me a comparison of insurance companies versus the coverage I had.  I saw a substantial difference in coverage and for less money.  She acted like my friend, truly a nice and knowledgeable person.

Craig L.

He’s smart, very quick and with common sense language that is simple to understand.

Paula P.

Elka never fails to go the extra mile.  She sets a high standard for knowledge and customer service that is so difficult to find.  She is a jewel!

Peggy K.

I couldn’t be any happier with the service we received. Our agent was extremely knowledgeable, pleasant, smart and efficient.

Joe Milazzo
Elka loves helping people. She shows patience and empathy. Elka truly wants make sure we were satisfied in our decision and was able to answer any and all questions. It was only then did we as a team decide on the right plan for us.
Marcus F

Elka is incredibly sweet, helpful and knowledgeable. She has increased my quality of life immeasurably.